Protec'Som® anti-dust mite bedcovers against allergy

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Anti-dustmite covers

 Dust Mites and Allergy

Atopic dermatitis suit



ProteXom mattress, pillow and comforter covers are recommended by many doctors (allergists, lung specialists, ENT specialists) worldwide because they offer a tough barrier against dust mite allergens for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Protec’Som covers are designed and manufactured with ISO 13485 certified processes.
That is the Medical Device Norms
. It means that our efficiency tests and safety tests are regularly checked by an independent notified body as well as our entire communication and arguments.
This notified body is agreed by CE health authorities and Health Canada.

Protec’Som covers are made of new innovative technical fabrics:

-              Texaal Cotton®, 100% woven Cotton Fabric

-              Texaal Polyester®, 100% woven polyester fabric

-              Noxaalon®, Polyamide/Polyester High range nonwoven fabric

These fabrics, devoid of any coating or lamination are very comfortable and highly breathable: Texaal polyester® 7.8 m2.Pa/W, Texaal cotton® 3.1 m2.Pa/W, Noxaalon® 2.4 m2.Pa/W.

A recent clinical study, published in the World Allergy Congress Highlights showed a 60 % decrease of the patients’ symptoms after three months use of Protec’Som covers.


Made of 100 % pure cotton, densely woven Protec'Som covers are as efficient as confortable.

No plasticization, no coating, no chemical treatment, no plastic membrane attached to the back of the fabric, only densely woven natural cotton provides an impénétrable allergen dust mite allergen barrier.


Tested by independent laboratories, after 100 washing cycles, Protec'Som covers will protect you against allergens for years.







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